Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Let the Canada Post review know that we want home delivery restored, protected and expanded!

Although Minister Judy Foote knew last year when she was an opposition MP that the forced conversion of door to door delivery to self-serve mailboxes was a bad idea, she has now decided that the whole process needs to be reviewed. A postal review is long overdue (it is actually mandated by law under the Canada Post Act, a fact ignored by the previous government). We should seize this opportunity to let them know we value our publicly-owned Crown Corporation and the services it delivers -- despite attempts by the previous government to claim it is 'unprofitable' while trying to sell it off to their corporate buddies.

The next few months will involve consulting with Canadians to get our views on the postal delivery. There are new questions posted every week, which you can answer at the Task Force's "Share your views" page:

There a new question every week, so book-mark this link and visit it regularly! 

You can also join the discussion through social media:

or submit your written comments to the Task Force by e-mail, fax or postal mail:

You can also consider taking a moment to tell the Task Force that the Harper-appointed CEO of Canada Post (and his 22 corporate vice-presidents) should resign, in order to allow for a full and fair review of postal services. After commenting, visit the petition here calling for Deepak Chopra to resign: http://www.publicservices.ca/chopra_resign