Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Map of proposed 'super' mailboxes sites

Earlier this year we published data we had received about sites where Canada Post Corporation proposes to locate the 'Self-Serve Mailboxes' (SMBs) in London neighbourhoods targeted for these cuts.

Now you can visualize what that looks like on a map of London:
Screen capture of map showing initial proposed SMB locations in London

You can zoom in on this linked map and see where Canada Post Corporation plans to impose SMBs in your neighbourhood, if you live in one of the targeted postal codes (N6G, N6H, N5V, N5W, N5X or N5Y). 

It must be noted that this map is based on data from earlier this year:
Locations of proposed SMBs in six London postal code areas, as of spring 2015. Location data as accurate as possible BUT PLEASE NOTE that certain words (like "opposite" "adjacent" etc.) had to be stripped from the files in order to make the data geocodable. Other location data (unit numbers etc.) was also omitted. For greater precision, please refer to source tables (spreadsheets).
So the general location is as accurate as we can make it, but if you zoom in really close, there may be minor discrepancies. The spreadsheet data obtained earlier this year is of course based on these preliminary proposed sites, and we know that Canada Post has had to change between 25% and 50% of the proposed locations in some municipalities where they have imposed SMBs.

We would really like the map to show updated locations, and as soon as we receive information about changed or modified locations we will be very happy to update this map.

And don't forget about the Community Town Hall Meetings to discuss these issues and more. There as already one for the targeted neighbourhoods in eastern London (Wednesday May 20, 7 pm at the Victory Legion Hall), and the next will be on the west side of London: Thursday, June 11. You can watch this space for details, and please stay in touch with us at Londoners for Door to Door

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