Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Delivering your voice: 4800+ signatures delivered!

Delivering Community Power delivers 4800+ signatures to the Prime Minister's office today in Ottawa (withPeople.4.PostalWorkers).
Canada Post CEO Deepak Chopra opposes pay equity, refuses to consider service expansion, and is pushing a privatization agenda. It's time to boot this Harper goon. We tell the PM that we want more from our public services.
Rallying to stop the cuts to Canada Post! 

The future of Canada Post can be a public service for our community

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Its RIBFEST. We're in the park again!

It's RIBFEST, and we are in the park again! 

Thanks to Glenna and David our table is all set up! We could use your help if you are around during this long weekend.

We are located at the east end of expressions in chalk between an ecoStation and sammy's souvlaki in the Centre Square directly across from the bandshell.
Spread the word. If you are going bring your Save Door-to-Door signs and add a RESTEORE sticker! ALSO, pens and sidewalk chalk!

 We'd love to see you there.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Londoners come out in force to learn about the potential for expanded services at Canada Post!

Londoners come out to the Friends of Public Services event to learn about the CUPW proposal to make Canada Posts impressive infrastructure work for us better and become part of the green economy: Delivering Community Power

The crowd listened to an excellent presentation from Dru Jay of Friends of Public Services in the  inviting space of Bread and Roses bookstore at 870 Dundas St. E. 

Download your own flyer, see the video that summarizs the proposal Delivering Community Power.

Delivering Community Power: VIDEO 
Delivering Community Power: Get your FLYER

Spread the word.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Friends of Public Services UPDATE!

We're so inspired by your response! From coast-to-coast, Canadians are rejecting cuts and demanding a Canada Post for everyone. Just 2 days left to make your voice heard.

Add your voice now

Delivering Community Power

Please join us on Friday at 7 to learn more about how we can build a postal service for the 21st century:

Delivering Community Power

How postal workers can move public services for climate action

7pm, July 29
Bread and Roses Bookstore (870 Dundas St E)

Please help us spread the word by forwarding this message and/ or inviting people on Facebook.

Postal workers have put forward a bold vision to make Canada Post into an engine for a climate-friendly economy by investing in green jobs that reduce emissions while benefitting low-income and rural communities

Dru Jay from Friends of Public Services and a representative from CUPW will discuss the postal workers’ vision and the alliance that’s backing it. Opportunities for networking and discussion will follow a brief presentation.

And please remember: the deadline for submissions to the public review of our postal service is July 31st!  

Let them know you want home delivery restored, protected and expanded as part of a new vision for our postal service. Thanks for being a part of this!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Add your voice to the Postal Review

A Harper-era appointee at Canada Post, named Deepak Chopra, has refused to step down, and is moving forward on his plan to cut our postal services. We can stop him if you take action right now.

We know that Chopra used to be an industry lobbyist and supports cutting services and raising prices for all of us.[1] We can’t let that happen.

Let me be clear: The government has an opportunity to not only stop the cuts, but to use our postal service to build a more equitable, sustainable economy in Canada.[2]  

We’re joining a range of organizations to put forward an innovative plan to use our postal network to address our country’s climate and economic challenges, with a made-in-Canada electric fleet, postal banking, green infrastructure, and community services.

The government can either cave to Harper appointed lobbyists, or embrace a 21st century vision for Canada’s postal service. If enough of us speak out they’ll have no choice but to listen. Canada Post is profitable today, and has been for most of the past two decades.That’s why Chopra and his cronies want to exploit this valuable public resource.  Let’s not let that happen.

The deadline to get on the public record is July 31st!  Please add your voice before it’s too late.


[1] Appointed by Harper in 2011, Chopra was previously an executive at Pitney Bowes, a mail supply company that is currently actively lobbying for privatization of the US Postal Service. He has appointed other Pitney Bowes colleagues to executive positions at Canada Post. Source:
[2] The government is holding a public review of Canada Post until July 31st, 2016. Source:

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Let the Canada Post review know that we want home delivery restored, protected and expanded!

Although Minister Judy Foote knew last year when she was an opposition MP that the forced conversion of door to door delivery to self-serve mailboxes was a bad idea, she has now decided that the whole process needs to be reviewed. A postal review is long overdue (it is actually mandated by law under the Canada Post Act, a fact ignored by the previous government). We should seize this opportunity to let them know we value our publicly-owned Crown Corporation and the services it delivers -- despite attempts by the previous government to claim it is 'unprofitable' while trying to sell it off to their corporate buddies.
The next few months will involve consulting with Canadians to get our views on the postal delivery. There are new questions posted every week, which you can answer at the Task Force's "Share your views" page:

There a new question every week, so book-mark this link and visit it regularly! 

You can also join the discussion through social media:

or submit your written comments to the Task Force by e-mail, fax or postal mail:

You can also consider taking a moment to tell the Task Force that the Harper-appointed CEO of Canada Post (and his 22 corporate vice-presidents) should resign, in order to allow for a full and fair review of postal services. After commenting, visit the petition here calling for Deepak Chopra to resign: