Monday, November 9, 2015

Help stop Canada Post from installing more Self-Serve Mailboxes, Defying Minister

Help  stop Canada Post from installing more Self-Serve Mailboxes, Defying Minister

Last March, Newfoundland MP Judy Foote (now Minister responsible for Canada Post) said about door-to-door cuts:

The [Harper] Government is ignoring the thousands of Canadians who have written petitions and called their local MPs to express their displeasure with Canada Post’s decision to end home delivery. Canada is about to become the only nation in the G7 without door-to-door mail delivery. This is unacceptable and the decision should be repealed immediately.

On July 9, Justin Trudeau called on the then-government to “immediately instruct

our public postal service to suspend the removal o f home mail delivery until following the fall election.”

AND YET Canada Post contractors are STILL installing mailboxes in our neighbourhoods, right up until and including this weekend!

Let the new Minister Judy Foote and PM Trudeau know you agree that Canada Post should


mail service, reverse the service cuts and REMOVE the hastily imposed mailboxes. It’s not too late – call and/or write today!

Public Services Minister Judy Foote                        E-mail:
Phone: (709) 832-1383                                          Twitter @JudyFooteMP

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau                               E-mail:
Phone:            (613) 992 4211                                          Twitter: @JustinTrudeau

More information and sample letters to MPs at

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Canada Post defies new government, continues with mailbox installations in London

Instead of listening to the government Canadians elected 19 days ago, Canada Post management is pressing ahead with the installation of self-serve mailboxes in neighbourhoods in London. Some of these sites may be installed by subcontractors over this weekend, in another rush to meet an arbitrary internal corporate deadline Monday.

Canada's new Public Services Minister, responsible for Canada Post, was sworn in three days ago. She is Newfoundland MP Judy Foote, who said on March 31 of this year:
DOOR-TO-DOOR MAIL DELIVERY CANCELLATION SHOULD BE REPEALED. The [Harper] Government is ignoring the thousands of Canadians who have written petitions and called their local MPs to express their displeasure with Canada Post’s decision to end home delivery. Canada is about to become the only nation in the G7 without door-to-door mail delivery. This is unacceptable and the decision should be repealed immediately.”
Dozens of sites in our community, including gardens like this one, are threatened this weekend by the arrogance of Canada Post management who stubbornly refuse to listen to Canadians and to the government Canadians elected.

"We are encouraging community members to be vigilant about protecting neighbourhood spaces from this corporate juggernaut, and we urge the new Public Services minister to reign in the out-of control Canada Post management." adds Wendy Goldsmith, of Londoners for Door-to-Door.

For more information please contact David Heap 519 859 3579 or Wendy Goldsmith  519 281 3978.

A list of sites where Canada Post sub-contractors may still be trying to install self-serve mailboxes this weekend, defying the new Government:

 128 Brian Ave. 
151 Geraldine Ave.
1589 Richmond St.
1576 Richmond St.
291 Windermere
1470 Corley Dr.
239 Riverside
48 Saunby ST.
382 Wharncliffe Rd
25 Essex St.
25 Oxford St W
40 Summit Ave
40 Summit adjacent to 128
299 Maurice St.
281 Maurice St
253 Riverside Dr
539 Hutton Pl
426 Fox Ave
76 Edgar
412 Lawson
461 Rippleton
305 Castlegrove Blvd
320 Castlegrove Blvd
79 Paperbirch Cres
35 Stirrup
526 Leyton
16 Ranson Dr
42 Greta Green
54 Heathcote Ave
2 Brentwood Cres
529 Middlewood Dr.
46 Longbow Rd
3 Linkgate Rd
70 Longbow
56 Hampton Cres
689 Santa Monica Rd
591 Sanitorium
1040 Mahogany Rd
530 & 540 Proudfoot Ln
1084 Mahogany Rd
25-65 & 17-65 & 55 Fiddlers Green Rd
583 Kildore Rd
579 Sherene Terr
887 Riverside Dr
110 Biscay Rd
781 North Mile Rd
407 Dolway Pl
465 Glen Cres
793 Green Ln
265 Deer Park Cir
437 Oak Park Pl
93 Tarbart
505 Proudfoot Ln
1127 Oxford St w
1087 Kingston Ave
1106 Prince George Rd
1040 St Croix Ave
28 Edgehill Rd
247 Blackacres Bld
119 Blackacres Bld
75 Crabtree Ave
1 Rexway
122 Sherwood Forest Square
555 Lawson Rd
40 Fairfax Crt
1-43- 1460 Limberlost Rd
44-59-1460 Limberlost Rd
9-41-1481 Limberlost
58-65-1481 Limberlost
148-1481 Limberlost Rd
154-162-1481 Limberlost Rd
66-92 -1481 Limberlost Rd
103-104-1481 Limberlost Rd
111-134 1481 Limberlost Rd
136-153-1481 Limberlost Rd
164 Brunswick Ave.
1123 Lawson Rd.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Save Door-to-Door campaign continues: Restore service in London!

Despite last week’s well-publicised halt to Canada Post’s service cuts, Self-Serve Mailboxes (SSMBs) are still being installed in some London neighbourhoods. Corporate managers at Canada Post continue to defy the government Canadians elected last month, and in particular Justin Trudeau’s letter calling for immediate halt to the Canada Post service cuts as of July 9 2015.

In July, London City Councillors also urged Canada Post to stop Self-Serve Mailbox (SSMB) conversions in London, but Canada Post management carried on with their reckless SSMB installations right up until after last month’s election.  Many of these hastily-installed SSMB locations are also unsafe, insecure and/ or unsightly, continuing Canada Post’s pattern of disrespect for our neighbourhoods and our City.
Insecure SSMB (main panel opens with customer's key: Send us your photos with details
  1. Send us your pictures and your stories to Tell us about unsafe or insecure SSMB installations you have seen. Give us as many details as possible about locations, so we can press the issue of safety for the public and for postal employees.
  2. Call or write your local MP and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: Ask them to publicly call on Canada Post to restore Door-to-Door mail delivery at least to where it was on July 9th, 2015, when Justin Trudeau wrote to the former prime minister opposing the service cuts.
  3. Call or write London Mayor Matt Brown and your City Councillor: then to publicly support the restoration of door-to-door mail delivery to where it was recently cut.
  4. Write to the London Free Press: or or other media, calling for the full restoration of door-to-door service which has been lost to cuts.
If you want to help in other ways (leafleting or calling, for example), please contact us at .The Conservative-appointed Canada Post CEO and VPs must listen to Canadians calling for a permanent stop to SSMB conversions and the full restoration of door-to-door to the neighbourhoods that lost their service.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

UPDATED 11/4/2015 - Send us your photos and horror stories: scary, ugly and unsafe SSMBs

According to last week's announcement, Liberals demand that Canada Post halt any further SSMB conversions but the installations hurriedly continued in London's N6H and N6G. Many of these SSMB installations are unsightly, unsafe and insecure (see readers photos below).

Boxes off 301 Ramsay Rd (near the monastery) are unsafe: no sidewalk access, and boxes are on top of a slope made of loose stones...!

Another SSMB conversion fails. This mailbox user writes: My mail was soaked after the first rainfall we had.

The following story features a broken off SSMB key jammed into the user's mailbox. They write:
Someone broke off what appears to be a Key into mine, had lots of trouble trying to get it out, still not perfect. You can tell it's been jammed and good parts of whatever [are] still sticking out !

One supporter sent this photo of her local SSMBsite, where her personal key opens the whole module. She writes:
On two occasions in this first week of use I have opened my personal mailbox only to have the whole front panel of the "module" open up, thus exposing the mailboxes of my neighbours and giving me full access. I expect other users have had similar experiences.  This happened on Tuesday and on Friday and I have filed two separate complaints with Canada Post.
Clearly this is an issue of mail security.  Has any of our mail been stolen?  How would we know? Has personal information that appears on bank statements, credit card bills and the like been compromised?  Obviously, Canada Post is not protecting the integrity of the mail. 

Winter winds will only make this worse: not only will you have to walk to get your mail, you may be chasing your mail around the block. Is this the kind of excercise that Deepak Chopra thinks our seniors need?

Send your horror stories and photos of your unsightly SSMB site to: 

We will post them here as soon as we can.