Sunday, October 25, 2015

Urgent Campaign Update: Send a Message to your Local M.P. today

London is now represented by three Members of Parliament whose parties have publicly opposed the cuts to Canada Post: Liberal MP Peter Fragiskatos (London North Centre), NDP MP Irene Mathyssen (London-Fanshawe), and Liberal MP Kate Young (London West).

Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau campaigned on a promise to stop the cuts to door-to-door mail delivery. These postal cuts were driven by the Conservatives, and although they remain in office for a few more days, the Liberals must make it clear to Canada Post to stop any cuts now.

At this moment, Canada Post’s community mailboxes are being installed rapidly and recklessly in neighbourhoods across London. The first conversion to the new Community Mailboxes in London is scheduled for October 26th for area codes N6G and N6H. It is imperative that the newly elected Members of Parliament in London West and London North Centre undertake immediate action or many London neighbourhoods could permanently lose this valued public service.

Here are two ways you can help save door-to-door today:
1. If you live in the London North Centre or London West electoral districts, please pick up your phone and call your new Liberal MP today (find contact into here). Voicemail messages and phone conversations will go a lot further than emails in convincing our MPs that Londoners care about their public postal service.
  • Please remind them that they have no time to lose on this important issue. CMB conversions begin this week.
  • Ask your MP to tell Prime Minister designate Justin Trudeau to immediately call Canada Post President Deepak Chopra and tell him that Canada Post needs to put a halt to this week's CMB conversions in London.
  • Tell them that it makes sense for Justin Trudeau to act before he takes office on November 4. Remind them that Trudeau has already acted upon one of his election promises (by calling US president Barack Obama to discuss his intention to pull Canada’s fighter jets out of the anti-Isis campaign) and he should do the same to save door-to-door.
2. If you cannot reach your MP by phone, you can send a direct message to Peter Fragiskatos or Kate Young by clicking on their names.  
You can find contact information for your new MPs here. It is extremely important that our elected representatives act now to save door-to-door in London. Please let them know that they have no time to lose.


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