Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Pushing back against cuts in home mail delivery

Londoners saw two neighbourhoods (postal codes N6G, N6H) converted to Self-Serve Mailboxes AFTER the November 2015 election, while four other postal codes (N5V, N5W, N5X, N5Y in east London) were threatened. The best way to protect all our communities is to push back hard NOW and demand the Liberals keep their promise to restore door-to-door mail service in these areas.

This is a chance to restore this service and stop any further conversions! Please go to the Friends of Public Services Petition and sign. Tell this government that you expect more from them and our public services.

The Conservative-led cuts to door to door imposed self-serve mailboxes on communities, with many negative effects, including:

  • reduced accessibility for seniors
  • increased pollution and litter

...among other issues!

Delivering Community Power: Meanwhile, postal workers and a broad coalition of civil society groups have backed a bold plan to expand services and make the post office a driver of the climate-friendly economy.
RESTORE: The Liberal government promised to restore door to door during the 2015 federal election. Now, a Parliamentary committee has recommended restoring service in the areas that lost it in the last round of cuts again.

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