Saturday, February 7, 2015

write or call London city council to help save Door to Door mail delivery

Another Londoner supports keeping our door-to-door postal service 

Below are some suggestions: please adapt to your circumstances and please keep writing!

To: London city councillors and other elected officials, the media, etc.

I am a (please check as many as apply):
  • o   senior, veteran, pensioner and/or other person on a fixed income;
  • o   person with young children, elderly or other family care responsibilities;
  • o   person with a disability or other mobility limitations;
  • o   municipal tax-payer concerned about costs down-loaded to the City budget;
  • o   home-owner concerned about property values;
  • o   community member concerned about safety and cleanliness of our neighborhood;
  • o   (other: please specify) _________________________________________
and I am opposed to the elimination of door-to-door mail service in our community. This ill-conceived and hasty move has been undertaken without the consent of residents in our community, on the basis of misleading arguments and partial information. The Canada Post Corporation has not carried out any meaningful consultation with our community about our real postal needs, and has not provided a full picture of the Corporation’s financial situation. I am concerned about the possible negative impacts of this service reduction, including:
  • o   municipal costs (cleaning and safety);
  • o   increased parking congestion;
  • o   safety of residents and security of mail;
  • o   security of people picking up their mail;
  • o   increased costs of policing for theft of mail, including identity theft;
  • o   snow removal, cleaning, lighting;
  • o   (other: please specify) _________________________________________
I join others in our community in calling on London City Council to:
  • o   indicate clearly to Canada Post Corporation that our city is opposed to the elimination of door to door postal delivery;
  • o   refuse to pay any of the downloaded costs associated with this service elimination, which must be borne by Canada Post and/or the Federal government;
  • o   resist by all legal means the use of municipal lands or easements for so-called ‘community’ mail-boxes (CMBs);
  • o   support property-owners who choose not to cede their lands or easements to Canada Post for CMBs;
  • o   promptly make public all requests from Canada Post to locate CMBs in our communities, and demand thorough and meaningful public consultations with all residents, neighborhood associations and other concerned community groups;
  • o   call for a full public audit of Canada Post operations, including the true costs of eliminating door-to-door mail delivery, full accounting of all postal revenues, and full disclosure of all alternatives to service reductions, including increasing services to increase revenues and support service expansions; and
  • o   to facilitate a community-wide public town-hall meeting in London where Deepak Chopra (CEO of Canada Post) will face concerns from the community and other stake-holders;
  • o   to make our community’s opposition to service reductions known to Canada Post, Federal and Provincial governments, as well as to other municipal governments, in the strongest possible terms;
  • o   to do everything in their power to work with our communities in opposing this unilateral reduction of services.
I reject the false ‘choice’ between larger or smaller CMBs, closer or farther from my home: my choice is for continued mail delivery to my home mailbox.

1. You can write or call your London city Councillors and the Mayor. Their addresses and phone numbers are here:
Not sure which is your Councilor? You can find your Ward here: 
or perhaps just write to all the Councilors as well as the Mayor.

2. You can alsowWrite to the media: London Free Press or Tip: don’t try to put all the points above in one letter – media letters are most effective when they make one or two points clearly, in 100-150 words. Want to say more? Submit more letters!

3. Wear a button or put a sign in your yoard or window saying “Save Canada Post” or “Save Door to Door”.

4. Talk about this issue with your neighbours, your family, your co-workers and other local contacts.

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