Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Have you got mailbox? Here are the SSMB locations they don't want you to know.

The City of London recently received a request under MFIPPA (Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act) to reveal all the locations under consideration for new "retrofitted" SSMBs (self-serve mailboxes, aka 'Super' mailboxes -- they have nothing to do with "community"...). The City has failed to respond with this information, and since it is of vital interest to people liking in targeted neighbourhoods, we are publishing this information here: the full Canada Post list of targeted locations in the Huron-Rideau region, which includes London. 

UPDATE: both PDF and Excel formats of the same list can be found on this page:

The London locations begin on page 207 (postal code N5Y) and run through page 283 (postal code N6J). Check out your postal code and street to see where these eyesore are being (mis-)located in your neighbourhood. After all, as the city of St. John's recently discovered, Canada Post is "intending to put them on public land where available, but there can be mistakes made and it’s important to clarify that.” 

Did they make any mistakes in your neighbourhood? How do the parking, safety, privacy and accessibility look to you? Let your city councillors know, their contact information is here: http://www.london.ca/city-hall/city-council/Documents/Council-Contact-List.pdf


  1. Great blog! I would like to do the same for Mississauga residents. Assuming the City of Mississauga will fail to respond to my Freedom of Info request, can you advise me where/how to obtain a list of proposed mailboxes? Thanks. (brad.butt2015@gmail.com)

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