Friday, March 20, 2015

What postal code areas are targeted for 'super' mailbox (SSMB) conversion?

In London, the two areas targeted in 2015 for conversion from door-to-door mail delivery to self-serve mailboxes (SSMBs -- they have nothing to do with 'community') are in the Canada Post Depot 1 area, i.e. parts of postal codes N5V, N5W, N5X and N5Y, and Depot 4 area, parts of postal codes N6G and N6H:

Source for maps: City of London Civic Works Committee Report, February 2015 (full report archived here). For detailed lists of proposed SSMB locations in the above areas (plus a variety of other Ontario municipalities), please see this page (a work in progress).


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  5. In the UK we have postcodes, not ZIP codes. A postcode usuallly covers half a street or less, depening on the length of the street. There are 2 elements to the postcode; the first is the general area, thus WC1 is the City of London, BR6 is Orpington in south London, EC1 is East Central.
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