Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Save Door-to-Door campaign continues: Restore service in London!

Despite last week’s well-publicised halt to Canada Post’s service cuts, Self-Serve Mailboxes (SSMBs) are still being installed in some London neighbourhoods. Corporate managers at Canada Post continue to defy the government Canadians elected last month, and in particular Justin Trudeau’s letter calling for immediate halt to the Canada Post service cuts as of July 9 2015.

In July, London City Councillors also urged Canada Post to stop Self-Serve Mailbox (SSMB) conversions in London, but Canada Post management carried on with their reckless SSMB installations right up until after last month’s election.  Many of these hastily-installed SSMB locations are also unsafe, insecure and/ or unsightly, continuing Canada Post’s pattern of disrespect for our neighbourhoods and our City.
Insecure SSMB (main panel opens with customer's key: Send us your photos with details
  1. Send us your pictures and your stories to Tell us about unsafe or insecure SSMB installations you have seen. Give us as many details as possible about locations, so we can press the issue of safety for the public and for postal employees.
  2. Call or write your local MP and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: Ask them to publicly call on Canada Post to restore Door-to-Door mail delivery at least to where it was on July 9th, 2015, when Justin Trudeau wrote to the former prime minister opposing the service cuts.
  3. Call or write London Mayor Matt Brown and your City Councillor: then to publicly support the restoration of door-to-door mail delivery to where it was recently cut.
  4. Write to the London Free Press: or or other media, calling for the full restoration of door-to-door service which has been lost to cuts.
If you want to help in other ways (leafleting or calling, for example), please contact us at .The Conservative-appointed Canada Post CEO and VPs must listen to Canadians calling for a permanent stop to SSMB conversions and the full restoration of door-to-door to the neighbourhoods that lost their service.

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