Monday, November 9, 2015

Help stop Canada Post from installing more Self-Serve Mailboxes, Defying Minister

Help  stop Canada Post from installing more Self-Serve Mailboxes, Defying Minister

Last March, Newfoundland MP Judy Foote (now Minister responsible for Canada Post) said about door-to-door cuts:

The [Harper] Government is ignoring the thousands of Canadians who have written petitions and called their local MPs to express their displeasure with Canada Post’s decision to end home delivery. Canada is about to become the only nation in the G7 without door-to-door mail delivery. This is unacceptable and the decision should be repealed immediately.

On July 9, Justin Trudeau called on the then-government to “immediately instruct

our public postal service to suspend the removal o f home mail delivery until following the fall election.”

AND YET Canada Post contractors are STILL installing mailboxes in our neighbourhoods, right up until and including this weekend!

Let the new Minister Judy Foote and PM Trudeau know you agree that Canada Post should


mail service, reverse the service cuts and REMOVE the hastily imposed mailboxes. It’s not too late – call and/or write today!

Public Services Minister Judy Foote                        E-mail:
Phone: (709) 832-1383                                          Twitter @JudyFooteMP

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau                               E-mail:
Phone:            (613) 992 4211                                          Twitter: @JustinTrudeau

More information and sample letters to MPs at


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