Tuesday, November 3, 2015

UPDATED 11/4/2015 - Send us your photos and horror stories: scary, ugly and unsafe SSMBs

According to last week's announcement, Liberals demand that Canada Post halt any further SSMB conversions but the installations hurriedly continued in London's N6H and N6G. Many of these SSMB installations are unsightly, unsafe and insecure (see readers photos below).

Boxes off 301 Ramsay Rd (near the monastery) are unsafe: no sidewalk access, and boxes are on top of a slope made of loose stones...!

Another SSMB conversion fails. This mailbox user writes: My mail was soaked after the first rainfall we had.

The following story features a broken off SSMB key jammed into the user's mailbox. They write:
Someone broke off what appears to be a Key into mine, had lots of trouble trying to get it out, still not perfect. You can tell it's been jammed and good parts of whatever [are] still sticking out !

One supporter sent this photo of her local SSMBsite, where her personal key opens the whole module. She writes:
On two occasions in this first week of use I have opened my personal mailbox only to have the whole front panel of the "module" open up, thus exposing the mailboxes of my neighbours and giving me full access. I expect other users have had similar experiences.  This happened on Tuesday and on Friday and I have filed two separate complaints with Canada Post.
Clearly this is an issue of mail security.  Has any of our mail been stolen?  How would we know? Has personal information that appears on bank statements, credit card bills and the like been compromised?  Obviously, Canada Post is not protecting the integrity of the mail. 

Winter winds will only make this worse: not only will you have to walk to get your mail, you may be chasing your mail around the block. Is this the kind of excercise that Deepak Chopra thinks our seniors need?

Send your horror stories and photos of your unsightly SSMB site to: people4door2door@gmail.com 

We will post them here as soon as we can.

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