Sunday, August 9, 2015

ACTION: How request changes in proposed locations of self-serve mailboxes in London

Taking Action against Self-Serve Mailbox Installations

Have you received notice from Canada Post that they will be installing a “Community Mail Box” (aka SSMB or Self-Serve Mailbox) near where you live? It is NOT too late to take action.

If you want to put in a “change request” you should contact Canada Post and the City of London and explain why you think the location is problematic (i.e., too close to intersection or trees, will cause traffic/idling problems, inadequate lighting, no sidewalk, or other safety / privacy etc. issues).

City Hall Contacts:

John Braam,
City Engineer
519 661-2111 x2391

Doug Macrae,
Transportation Planning & Design
519 661-2111 x4637

and also contact your Ward Councillor and the Mayor’s office:

Canada Post Contacts:

Mr. Andrew Paterson,
Municipal Engagement Manager
Canada Post Corporation,
955 Highbury Ave, London,
ON N5Y 1A3
Phone 519-457-5247 
Cell: 519-520-5226


Tom Zadorsky, Project Manager

Tell your Federal M.P. to save home mail delivery

            London-Fanshawe:  Irene Mathyssen 519-685-4745
            London West: Ed Holder 519.473.7333 519.473.5955
            London North Centre: Susan Truppe 519-663-9777

Of course, we would prefer not to see any SSMBs at all in our communities, but it is important to use the existing mechanisms as much as possible in the time that we have. Every delay in implementation, every study of moving one location to another brings us closer to the time (Election Day, October 19) when we can begin reverse this wrong-headed plan.  

You can check the proposed locations on this map or on these postal-code lists. Download this information sheet here.

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