Friday, August 28, 2015

Time for a moratorium on Canada Post's self-serve mailboxes in London


Once again Canada Post will deny our community face to face consultation as it announces that they will not send a representative at the upcoming London Strategic Priorities and Policy Committee on August 31 at City Hall, where this item is on the 4:00pm agenda. This arrogant pattern is becoming familiar as we see the Conservative Party also adopting the same duck-and-hide tactics, while avoiding meaningful consultation with communities. "Canada Post claims it is 'following its process' in London, but their process doesn't seem to include any public discussion, answering community questions and concerns, or even showing up to meeting as they promised in March they would do before beginning any new mailbox installations." comments Wendy Goldsmith.

Disappointed by Canada Post's blatant lack of real engagement, Londoners for Door to Door intend to bring strong community voices to the discussion on Monday. Members of Londoners4Door2Door have asked to speak at the upcoming Monday council committee meeting. We will urge City Council to demand a moratorium of the installation of super mailboxes until after the October federal election, and broad, meaningful community consultations. We urge City Council to  make a statement to Canada Post that London City Council opposes the cuts to door to door mail delivery service. We urge London City Council to support efforts being taken by Hamilton and Montreal to defend in court their communities' rights against Canada Post. "This second no-show by Canada Post is a deliberate slap in the face to our City Council." adds David Heap. "The question is, will our Mayor and Councillors just take this corporate disrespect quietly, or will they take action to protect our communities?" 

Wendy Goldsmith  519 281 3978
David Heap                519 859 3579

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