Friday, August 28, 2015

Take action to help save Door-to-Door mail in London!

For Door to Door
Dear supporter of Door-to-Door mail delivery,
Thank you for signing a petition, a letter, or a contact list in support of continuing Door-to-Door mail service. And thank you for opposing the imposition of super-mailboxes in our neighbourhoods. Londoners for Door-to-Door is a volunteer community group that recently delivered almost 2900 signatures of support to London's City Hall , and we hope to count on your support again to make sure your message is heard:
The Strategic Priorities and Policy Committee meets at City Hall on Monday August 31, 4:00pm. Canada Post is once again refusing to send a representative to meet our city councillors, but we want to ensure that our community viewpoints are heard. Here is what you can do to help:
  1. Contact your city councillor and the Mayor (find their contact info here). Ask them to:
    • STOP THE INSTALLATIONS! - support a moratorium on the installation of super-mailboxes until after the October election and proper community consultation.
    • Make a statement to Canada Post that London's City Council opposes the cuts to door to door mail service.
    • Support efforts being taken by Hamilton and Montreal to defend their communities' rights against Canada Post in court.
  2. Join us at City Hall on Monday August 31, from 4pm in the Gallery, 3rd floor. Facebook users can join, share & re-post this event page. The more presence we have, the better!
  3. Visit the new website, Friends of Public Services. Sign their petition, share the website, and spread the Facebook page far and wide!
    • This new grass-roots organization is setting its sights on saving Door-to-Door as its first campaign!
  4. Save the date Sept. 6, when the Canadian Union of Postal Workers'cross-Canada save Door-to-Door Caravan rolls into London!
    • We will have a day full of activities and actions to welcome our guests, ending with a street party on Talavera Crescent, the site of our ongoing community presence against self-serve mailboxes!
  5. And remember: there is still time to request changes in proposed locations of self-serve mailboxes in your area. See contact and other information here.

Londoners for Door to Door

For Door to Door · Canada
You can also keep up with Londoners for Door to Door on Twitter.

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