Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Londoners for Door to Door delivers 2867 support signatures to City Council

August 11, 2015. 11 am. London City Hall.
Londoners for Door to Door delivers 2867 support signatures to City Council

Canada Post has been pushing ahead with installation of Self Serve Mail Boxes in several London neighbourhoods, despite a unanimous request from London City Council last month, to stop work until the Crown Corporation comes back to report on community consultations, as they promised to do in March.

Today, City Council hears from constituents about the importance of continuing this valuable and profitable public service. After months of door-to-door canvassing and signature collecting at community events, Londoners For Door to Door delivered petitions and letters to the City Clerk, signed by the many London residents who want this service to be maintained, not just for themselves but for their parents, grandparents, neighbours and friends.
"We have heard loudly and clearly from community members that nobody wants Canada Post to impose these Self Serve Mailboxes in our neighbourhoods.  Instead, we want to protect jobs and maintain a public service that makes money for Canadians and provides door-to-door mail delivery.” says Wendy Goldsmith.  “It is unprecedented for a G8 country to propose this kind of mail service cut, all thanks to the Harper Conservatives and their drive for austerity."
Londoners For Door To Door continues to be deeply concerned about the lack of community consultation and the lies that appear to flow freely from the mouths of Canada Post spokespeople.  We strongly believe that this is not a done deal, and that municipalities have an important role to play in regulating what a Crown Corporation can do in our neighbourhoods. "Londoners have not got clear answers from Canada Post on this issue" adds David Heap  "but they do have a clear choice in October's federal election: we can oppose the Harper government's imposition of these service cuts, and support the official opposition which is calling for service to be restored and even extended."

Ward 10 Councillor Virginia Ridley was also present when the petitions were received by the City Clerk's office. The issue is due to come up at the next Strategic Priorities and Policy Committee on August 31. 

Londoners can still request changes to proposed mailbox locations, see contact information posted here.

We encourage all London residents to call and email their city councillors to urge Canada Post to cease and desist with these actions which clearly violate the public will.   
For more information contact:
David Heap 519 859 3579

Wendy Goldsmith 519 281 3978

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