Monday, August 3, 2015

Conservative MP Susan Truppe Does Not Do Her Homework re Canada Post

Last week Conservative MP Susan Truppe misinformed CTV News when she stated “As you know Canada Post has been losing funding for many years” and “This is not a Government issue this is a Canada Post issue”.

Susan Truppe has obviously not done her homework. The Canada Post website annual reports show that Canada Post has made incredible profits for 18 out of 20 years. In 2014 Canada Post made a profit of 194 million dollars. In fact Canada Post is not funded and does not rely on public tax dollars to deliver Canada’s mail. Canada Post has returned nearly 2 billion dollars in profits to the Canadian people over the past 20 years. Canada Post has only lost money in two of those years. One of those years being when they locked out workers in 2011. Canada Post is a public sector success story.

Susan Truppe’s claim that this is not a government issue is contradicted by her actions in January 2014, when she along with all Conservative MPs voted against the NDP motion to maintain the Public service owned by every Canadian Citizen. Susan Truppe along with her fellow Conservative MPs stood up and applauded when they defeated the NDP motion.

Canadians who have spoken to us on their doorsteps have made it very clear that they are opposed to these cuts yet both Susan Truppe and Ed Holder refused to attend the town hall meetings that were held in their ridings. Ed Holder made it very clear that he would not listen to his constituents on this matter when we met with him. Susan Truppe has not responded to our request to meet to discuss this matter.

The Liberals and NDP have put forward their position on Canada Post’s 5 point plan. This is very much an election issue but Susan Truppe is trying to run from it because it will cost her and other Conservative MPs votes. While Canada Post and the Conservatives dwell on declining letter mail volumes they neglect to mention the ongoing profits due to the changing products and record levels of parcels.

Canadians are furious about losing their door to door delivery and are further outraged by Susan’s misleading statements.

The loss of door to door delivery is part of a broader election issue which is the Conservative’s ultimate goal to sell off all public services to their huge profit based corporate friends.

Clearly the actions of London constituents resisting installation of CMB sites illustrate their dissatisfaction with Member of Parliament Susan Truppe and the Conservative Government.

Not only is this an election issue, it is an election issue created by the Conservative Government. 

Dean Woronoski
Local President
London Local 566
#3 920 Leathorne St
London Ontario N5Z 3M5

Cell: 519-476-6208

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